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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are some brief answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer below please feel free to get in touch with us via email or social media.

What is the process for trialing a class?

VDSE offers a free trial class in any style for new students. Please see our timetable for an appropriate class and get in touch so we know to expect you. For your child's first class or trial class please arrive with neat hair (if long hair preferably in a bun for ballet classes) and comfortable clothing, for example leggings, t-shirt, and socks. 


What uniform/colour leotard does my child need?
For enrolled students, please refer to our uniform guide which can be found here. Attitude Dance in Mitchell stocks and keeps a list on file of all VDSE uniform requirements (apart from our tracksuits, theatrical uniforms, t-shirts and Ready Set Dance uniforms, which can be ordered directly from VDSE - please email

Can I watch my child’s dance class?
We have a closed door policy for all classes to assist students and teachers to focus on the lesson. Even our youngest students benefit from this opportunity to be independent and to establish relationships with teacher and classmates - it helps prepare them for big school! Having said that, we do understand that sometimes an adjustment period is necessary, especially for our youngest dancers taking their first classes, so the door may be opened in special circumstances, at the teacher's discretion.

Are there ‘open’ days when I can watch my child’s class?
For grades Primary and below we have open day once a term. Open days are a great way for your child to show you what they’ve learned over the term. Your child’s teacher will notify you of when this will be. Siblings are welcome to watch too (subject to Covid venue capacity limits).

Are there any classes during the school holidays or outside of the usual weekly timetable?
Extra coaching classes are scheduled during school holidays for exam preparation (usually before term 3) and students performing in the concert will have extra weekday, weeknight and weekend rehearsals (in term 4). 

When are exams?
We have to wait for the Royal Academy of Dance to set their schedule before we are able to schedule exam coaching classes and exams. As soon as we know you will! (Enrolled students - check the noticeboard in the members area of our website for announcements)

When is the concert?
Our Concert date is usually in late November or early December, depending on when the theatre is able to accommodate us. Unfortunately we have to wait for the theatre to finalise dates before we can make a firm schedule for performance times and concert practices, however we will provide a rehearsal schedule as soon as possible.

Is the concert compulsory?

No. The concert is a highlight of the year for many students but not compulsory. For students who opt out of our annual concert, classes continue as normal throughout term 4 (there may be rare interruptions to the usual timetable but only if absolutely necessary).

What ages are ‘junior’ and ‘inter’ classes for?
Typically junior refers to ages 7-9 and inter is 10+ however there is some flexibility here depending on ability and preference. Please speak directly to Miss Lauren if you are unsure which level to choose for your child.

What is ‘intermediate’, ‘inter-foundation’ and ‘advanced’?
These are vocational ballet classes for RAD grades 5 and above. 

Which email was that?
If you think you may have missed an email please check your spam folder! Make sure you've subscribed to our website and (for members) check that your email address is up to date in your member account. Families of enrolled students can also read our recent studio notes on the noticeboard in the members area of our website.

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